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Our award-winning attorneys bring a tradition of excellence, experience, dedication and passion to our cases.

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What sets us apart from other personal injury firms is that we do not process a large volume of cases. We intentionally limit the number of cases we accept and every client receives the personal and proper attention needed to settle their case. We represent real people with real problems on an individual and personal basis.

Victims of serious injury require strong legal representation. We understand the devastating impact a serious injury can have on your life and that you may feel helpless due to the reckless, negligent or careless acts of another.

Jay and Kristi’s team approach to cases and their unique blend of talents and strengths compliment their trial style.


Wrongful Death
The loss of a loved one due to an accident or injury causes great pain, and turmoil as well as unimaginable loss. Often the suddenness of the loss and confusion leaves you feeling powerless, and with many unanswered questions. Our attorneys at Flynn Merriman McKennon, P.S., are committed to helping you through these trying times and to find justice if you have suffered a loss due to the reckless, careless or negligent acts of another.
Brain Injury

Brain injuries most often result from car crashes, falls or violence. Injuries can be severe or mild. In either case, victims and their families often feel confused and unprepared on how to deal with the situation.

We have helped people through the challenges of brain injuries as part of their legal proceedings. Our attorneys and staff understand the medical aspects of brain injuries. Yet we understand the emotional stress, too, and have supported victims and families through this unknown territory.

While many people with mild or moderate brain injuries recover, serious cases can end in coma or death. The effects of any brain injury can be lasting. So we are committed to holding responsible parties liable for the injury to ensure the needed support for those victims.

Motor Collision

A major vehicle collision can permanently change your life in an instant. We compassionately support you through this difficult time – and bring our expertise to the table to help you get the justice you deserve.

We have obtained settlements on behalf of catastrophic injury and wrongful death victims related to automobile collisions.

This type of claim can involve complicated insurance questions. We have decades of experience with insurance issues and determining responsibility.

Examples of our automobile collision verdicts and settlements:

  • We acted as co-counsel on a car accident case that received the highest soft tissue injury jury award in the history of Benton County ($675,000).
  • In a car-bicycle accident resulting in the death of one young college student and the injury of another, we were able to convince the insurance company to pay the maximum under the policy. The policy limits settlement was reached on the Friday evening before the start of a Monday trial — after the insurance company had continued to insist that it would not pay policy limits.
Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse is sexual activity that is deemed improper or harmful, as between an adult and a minor or with a person of diminished mental capacity. It is considered an especially heinous crime because the abuser usually occupies a position of trust. Extensive studies have clearly demonstrated the link between sexual abuse and psychological well-being, education and earning capacity. At Flynn Merriman McKennon, we understand the complex nature of sexual abuse cases, and we treat every victim of sexual abuse with utmost care and compassion.

Examples of our sexual abuse settlements:

  • We obtained a $3.5 million settlement on behalf of several special needs children who were sexually abused at school by a staff person.
  • We obtained a $450,000 settlement on behalf of seventeen young children emotionally and physically abused at a church daycare facility.
Medical Negligence

Any negligence by an act or omission of a medical practitioner in performing his/her duty is known as medical negligence. Medical negligence happens when the medical practitioner fails to provide the care, which is expected in each case thus resulting in injury or death of the patient.

It can be any tort or breach of contract of health care or professional services rendered by a health care provider to a patient. The standard of skill and care required of every health care provider in rendering professional services or health care to a patient shall be that degree of skill and care ordinarily employed in the same or similar field of medicine as defendant, and the use of reasonable care and diligence.

In medical negligence cases it is the duty of the patient or his/her relatives to establish that:

  1. There was a duty, which the medical practitioner owed to the patient
  2. There was a breach of duty
  3. The breach resulted in injury to the patient
  4. The injury resulted in causing damages

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Our award-winning attorneys bring a long-standing tradition of excellence, experience, passion and dedication to our cases that have produced outstanding results for our clients.

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Victims of serious injury require strong legal representation. We understand the devastating impact a serious injury can have on your life and that you may feel helpless due to the reckless, negligent or careless acts of another.

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