Image of a gavel and stethoscope representing medical negligence

Medical Negligence

Image of a gavel and stethoscope representing medical negligence

What is Medical Negligence?

An act or omission of a medical practitioner in performing his/her duty is known as “medical negligence.”  In common vernacular, we often say “medical malpractice.”  They both mean the same thing—a medical provider or providers did something that fell below the “standard of care” required and, in so doing, injured a patient. This action or failure to act can result in pain, injury, or death of the patient.

Medical malpractice cases are complex and have complicated rules that govern them.  Our firm investigates a high volume of medical negligence cases in eastern Washington.  We only handle a select few cases at a time so that we can give each case the full attention it deserves. We first talk to you, review your complete medical files, and then, if the case warrants further action, we hire an expert to review your case. To pursue an action in Washington, we must show that the physician acted in a manner below the “standard of care” required of a healthcare provider under the same or similar circumstances.

In medical negligence cases it is the duty of the patient or his/her relatives to establish that:

  • There was a duty, which the medical practitioner owed to the patient – “standard of care”
  • There was a breach of that duty – failing to meet the “standard of care”
  • The breach resulted in injury to the patient – legally and factually
  • The injury resulted in damages

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