A delivery truck image representing fedex truck accidents

FedEx Truck Accidents

A delivery truck image representing fedex truck accidents

As The Demand For Delivery Has Increased, So Too Have FedEx Truck Accidents

The presence of FedEx and UPS delivery trucks has been seamlessly woven into the fabric of our daily lives. They have become so commonplace that encountering these vehicles on the roads, whether in Kennewick, Pasco, Richland or elsewhere in Washington state, no longer elicits a second glance. Even the scenario of a FedEx or UPS truck temporarily obstructing traffic for deliveries has become an accepted part of our urban landscape. These drivers are in a hurry and are often paid more to drive faster.

As the reliance on package deliveries grows across the nation, the number of FedEx and UPS trucks navigating U.S. roads has seen a corresponding surge. Unfortunately, this surge brings with it an increased risk of collisions with these delivery trucks, and the likelihood of such incidents has risen manifold for several reasons.

Our firm has handled many express delivery driver cases successfully.  In such cases, the drivers were glaringly negligent—often speeding and with their attention divided. These cases are unique and require experience to obtain proper discovery, data and evidence relative to commercial trucking.  Let us help you win these cases against express carriers.

Delivery Drivers

Despite the stringent safety training mandated by both FedEx and UPS for their delivery truck drivers, instances of inexperienced or unqualified drivers operating these trucks unsafely are not uncommon in Washington. Additionally, a significant percentage of FedEx truck accidents can be attributed to drivers operating under conditions of drowsiness and fatigue, compelled to function in a high-stress environment under constant time pressure.

The vast fleets of delivery trucks and vans deployed by both FedEx and UPS, collectively covering billions of miles annually on U.S. roads and highways, underscore the heightened probability of encountering a delivery truck engaged in unsafe practices. Speeding, failure to maintain a safe distance, running red lights, neglecting the right of way, executing risky maneuvers—all in the pursuit of swift package delivery—are unfortunate hallmarks of these drivers' actions. Compounding the issue is the relentless demand for deliveries, pushing many FedEx and UPS drivers to work seven days a week. This perpetual demand significantly elevates the risk of accidents involving their delivery trucks. Considering the substantial size disparity between these trucks and passenger cars, such collisions often lead to catastrophic injuries and, tragically, fatalities.

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