An image of a brain scan representing brain injury

Brain Injury

An image of a brain scan representing brain injury

A Brain Injury Is Most Often The Result Of A Car Crash, a Fall Or Violence.

A brain injury can be devastating.  It can change the very essence of who you are.  It can affect memory, social skills, work life, marriage, and family. While its diagnosis can be “severe,” “moderate” or “mild,” in any case, victims and their families often feel confused and unprepared on how to deal with the situation.  Even a “mild” impairment can be life-altering.

Brain injuries are difficult because oftentimes others cannot “see” your injury and thus do not understand your loss.  We work to tell your story and to help juries to learn what it is like to live in your new reality.

A key step in this process is a neuropsychological evaluation by a qualified neuropsychologist to assess the level of lost function and lost brain activity.  Oftentimes, early intervention leads to better results through cognitive therapy and rehab efforts.  Our staff have experience helping to guide you in this process toward recovery.

We have helped people through the challenges of all levels of brain injuries. Our attorneys and staff understand the medical aspects of brain injuries. Yet we understand the emotional stress, too, and have supported victims and families through this unknown territory in seeking compensation for this agonizing loss. In fact, our jury verdict for $2,000,000 for one client suffering from a traumatic brain injury is one of the largest personal injury verdicts in Benton County history.

While many people with mild or moderate brain injuries recover, serious cases can end in coma or death. The effects of any brain injury can be lasting. So we are committed to holding responsible parties liable for the injury to ensure the needed support for those victims.

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