Mixed crowd of pedestrians and bikes representing pedestrian accidents

Pedestrian & Bicycle Accidents

Mixed crowd of pedestrians and bikes representing pedestrian accidents

Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian accidents carry a profound impact, often resulting in severe consequences for those involved. In the Tri-Cities area and beyond, the rising numbers of pedestrian accidents underscore the urgency of addressing this pressing issue.

Experiencing a collision as a pedestrian with a vehicle can be an immensely traumatic event, and we empathize with what you're enduring. The silver lining is that you've landed in the right place.

This page serves as a comprehensive resource about your legal standing and may be intricately linked to your recovery. We specialize in pedestrian accident cases and can assist you in securing the compensation necessary for a comprehensive recovery—covering mental, physical, and financial aspects.

It is highly advisable to proactively seek a reputable Washington pedestrian accident lawyer. The right attorney will guide you toward optimal recovery, manage communication and negotiations with insurance companies, and ensure you receive complete and equitable compensation.

Securing the Integrity of Your Pedestrian Accident Compensation

Several steps can be taken to safeguard your pedestrian accident claim. Whenever feasible, gather information from other involved parties, including their names, addresses, phone numbers, and insurance details. Document the names and contact information of any witnesses. If appropriate, involve authorities such as the police or 911 for emergency medical assistance.  Focus on getting to safety.

Capture images of the accident scene, including vehicles and individuals involved. Don't overlook documenting your injuries immediately after the incident and throughout the healing process. If there is surveillance footage or 911 tape, promptly request these pieces of evidence to prevent potential loss.  Ask family members to send you any photos they took at the scene.  Gather it all together in an online folder. Arguably the most crucial step to protect your claim is reaching out to a lawyer to consult with one of our Washington pedestrian accident lawyers.

Navigating the Aftermath

The truth is pedestrians navigate the roads alongside vehicles possessing greater power, speed, and protection, rendering them particularly vulnerable. Pedestrian accidents commonly occur in areas such as parking lots, residential and rural roads, and crosswalks. Speeding, driver inexperience, careless driving, distracted driving, and improper proximity to the curb are prevalent causes of these accidents.

Physical injuries arising from pedestrian accidents encompass brain traumas, spinal cord injuries, broken bones, and facial lacerations. Beyond the physical toll, accidents can significantly impact your mental and psychological well-being, necessitating resources like time, money, and therapy for recovery.

Without a competent pedestrian accident lawyer, accessing the essential resources for a robust recovery may prove challenging. Your ability to generate income has likely been compromised post-accident, coupled with escalating medical expenses, intensifying the overall stress.

Sadly, the pedestrian is often severely injured and unable to secure the evidence at the scene.  They are often reliant on family members' memories and photos.  They are sometimes hospitalized for months and may have no memory of the accident.  In these cases, it is particularly important to reach out to us right away so that we can help you secure evidence.

Sustaining Devastating Injuries in Bicycle Accidents

A glance at bicycle accident statistics in Washington reveals a consistent trend – while bike crashes may not comprise a significant portion of total vehicle accidents, the incidents that do occur often result in serious injury or even fatalities for the bicyclist. The vulnerability of bicyclists is apparent when these accidents happen, as the human body is ill-equipped to endure the impact of a vehicle collision without suffering damage. Even cyclists wearing helmets frequently sustain severe injuries. We routinely assist clients in eastern Washington who have experienced a range of injuries, including broken and dislocated bones, severe lacerations, road rash, amputations, internal organ damage, spinal cord trauma, traumatic brain injuries, and more. Recognizing that bicycle accident victims also grapple with significant emotional and psychological trauma, our mission is to secure comprehensive compensation for both visible physical injuries and the concealed emotional and psychological toll.

The Causes Of Bicycle Accidents

Bicyclists on the road are often overlooked by drivers, despite laws in Washington stipulating that cyclists on roadways should be treated as vehicles. The unfortunate reality is that vehicle drivers frequently cause bicycle crashes due to various negligent actions, such as failing to yield the right of way, passing too closely, following too closely, opening doors into a bicyclist's path, operating under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or driving while distracted by phones or other devices. Thorough investigations are crucial to accurately determine liability in bicycle accidents. If the careless actions of another driver are found to be the cause, that driver should be held accountable for covering the bicyclist's injury expenses and other losses.

Bicycle crashes are unique.  Sometimes, under the law, a bicyclist is treated as a pedestrian in Washington and sometimes they are treated like an automobile.  Our firm is familiar with these rules and can quickly help you analyze your case and the applicable laws. 

Engage a Bicycle Accident Attorney Now

If you've suffered injuries in a bicycle accident in Washington, enlist the assistance of our law firm immediately. Our personal injury attorneys, well-versed in handling intricate injury claims, are ready to investigate your case and ensure you receive full compensation for your losses, allowing you to concentrate on your recovery. When in need of a bicycle accident attorney anywhere across the Pacific Northwest, you can reach out for a free consultation, contact us. Accidents involving bicycles often lead to catastrophic injuries, and our team is dedicated to helping you navigate the legal complexities and secure the compensation you deserve.

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